FXDD Masters Live

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  • speaking at a recent Masters Live event
    • A full day of live training with
      FXDD’s Experts
    • Hands-on, intensive learning environment
    • Beautiful hotel location
    • Free self-parking pass
    • Lunch with the FXDD team
    • Trading workbook
    • Free continuing education webinar
    • FXDD gift bag
    What is the tuition fee?

    Since FXDD is committed to your success in trading, we are offering this course to live account holders at no cost. We do not require that you have any money in your account to attend. You may also bring a friend along to learn new, exciting ways to trade Forex.

    You can sign up for a live trading account by clicking on this link. The process takes approximately 15 minutes.

      • 9:00 am–9:15 amWelcome Message
      • 9:15 am–9:45 amIntroduction
      • a. A brief look at the Forex market
      • b. How money is made and lost in Forex
      • c. Placing trades on our trading platform
      • 9:45 am–10:25 amSession #1 – Greg Michalowski
      • a. A Look into the Trader’s Mindset
      • b. Building the Trader’s Foundation
      • 10:25 am–10:35 amSummary
      • 10:35 am–10:45 amFXDD in Social Media
      • 10:45 am–11:25 amSession #2 – Greg Michalowski
      • a. The Proper Tools for Attacking Currency Trends
      • b. Trader Entry at Your Own Risk
      • 11:25 am–11:40 amSummary and Q&A
      • 11:40 am–12:00 pmFXDD Operations discussion
      • 12:00 pm–12:30 pmLunch
      • 12:30 pm–1:15 pmScott Barkley (ProAct)
      • a. How to find and trade wide open spaces
      • 1:15 pm–2:00 pmDean Malone (CompassFX)
      • a. The secret of trading Fibonacci retracements
      • 2:00 pm–2:15 pmCoffee Break
      • 2:15 pm–2:55 pmSession #3 – Greg Michalowski
      • a. Managing and Exiting your Trades with a Purpose
      • b. Applying the trader’s mindset to the lessons taught
      • 2:55 pm–3:15 pmSummary and Q&A
      • 3:15 pm–3:30 pmClosing Statement from FXDD Executive Team

There are no upcoming Seminars

Please check back with us soon.